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Are RFID Paper Tags Durable?

In a common RFID system, tags are attached to the products that are to be detected. These tags are built using a chip or integrated circuit which is connected to an antenna and this system is then fixed to different types of tags such as labels, security tags or apparel hand tags. The chip or ICs in these tags contains memory to store Electronic Product Code and other information depending upon the use, so that it can be tracked anywhere by RFID readers.

Nowadays, these RFID tags are designed, utilizing UHF RFID labels, and are manufactured using paper. The advanced RFID tags do not contain plastic inlays and are generally referred to as RFID paper tags. RFID paper tags are the smart labels that comprise a face label for stamping barcode and human-readable information and also an RFID chip that can be programmed according to an RFID printer or detector.

RFID paper tags are more durable and reliable than simple barcode and can be used in a wide variety of applications. They can be attached to the clothes or other products in shopping malls for accurate and fast calculation of bills and can also be fastened to vehicles for calculation and collection of toll taxes.

RFID paper tags are generally lesser in price than plastic-made tags and are also equipped with a smart antenna system. The antenna in these paper-made tags is generally thinner and better in performance than that present in common RFID tags.

For application in tough warehouses, you need a tag that can withstand harsh weather conditions and also dust and debris. RFID paper tags are manufactured keeping all such conditions in mind and are ideal for various industrial purposes. Certain dry inlays that contain RFID chips and antennas attached to a substrate are laminated by the manufacturers to enhance their durability.

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