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Can UHF RFID Readers Be Used For Animal Ear Tag Management?

The RFID technologies can be integrated into exceptional devices that support most of the applications including asset management, parking control, and animal tracking, etc. UHF RFID chips, UHF RFID antennas, and UHF RFID readers are the common developments in RFID technologies. The UHF RFID readers are fully featured to deliver outstanding performance with supreme sensitivity and high reading rates for several applications.

These UHF RFID readers can operate at a frequency range of about 860-960 MHz and, serve a long reading range of 5m for animal ear tag management.  With the compliance of ISO 18000-6B-U-CODE protocol, it can easily identify and record cattle for a complete cycle.

Using such type of RFID readers, the animal ear tag can be identified within 3-5 meters range on the basis of unique ID number assigned to each animal. The UHF RFID reader is the very first choice for all mobile users, who like to carry a compact and lightweight mobile system with them. These readers feature a short-range distance of approximately 80 cm long, depending on the weather conditions and environmental issues. 

It can also support EPC generation and comes in an integrated antenna design without any shield antenna. With the strong functionality and ability to transmit and receive the signals, it can effectively manage animal ear tags. Long Range UHF RFID Reader is one of the most important ways to read information and input information for various applications. It can track and monitor the animal’s movement to identify their travel and feeding habits.

Overall, these UHF RFID readers are suitable for animals including pig, sheep and other for identifications and various scientific applications. The selection of this specific RFID reader depends on the information required and the safety of animals. 

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