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Could NFC labels Be Directly Used For Mobile Phones?

Technology and innovation have made most things very easy by reducing human efforts. RFID and NFC are also that kinds of revolutionary technologies. NFC labels (near field communication) are small stickers with NFC chips attached or embedded within them. It can be made up of paper, self-adhesive, or other materials and are available in different shapes and sizes. NFC is a group of communication protocols that enables two portable devices like smartphones to establish communication when bringing them together at a distance of approx 4 cm.

NFC technology has been in great demand and getting attention by media as becoming an amazing technology for creative marketing and media transfer. Many recent mobile phones support NFC technology, so consumers have an easier alternative for contactless data transfer and mobile payments.

You can purchase cheap and programmable NFC labels that can perform actions automatically whenever two NFC enabled devices share physical contact. These can be very small discs of plastic that require no power source. One of the great advantages of application of NFC is that it can be used as an NFC task launcher which can allow you to write information to the tag such as URL, piece of text or contact. It can also connect the tag with some of the activities on your mobile device.

NFC Labels can be used for the catering industries that have sitting arrangements like restaurants and cafes. For example, you could use your NFC-enabled device to make new orders or call for the bill. NFC tags have really emerged as the new face of internet-less media transfer after Bluetooth, the difference being, you don’t even have to wait for the devices to pair and then connect and then send. With NFC, just tapping your phones together would do the trick.

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