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Epoxy Tag Is Useful In Pet Management

RFID tags are used in all industries these days. From dairy to oil based products, all industries have adapted to the latest technology to evolve with the ever so fast growing dynamic world. RFID tags are made with silicon and other materials based on their use in wet, hot and cold environments. This enhances their utility in all environments. This has led to a growth in the sales of tags based on their specific uses such as epoxy tags, silicone tags etc.

Epoxy tag is an RFID transponder made specifically to perform in extreme conditions. These tags are fuel and water-resistant which makes them more durable. Epoxy tags have a smooth surface on top which can be imprinted or used for artwork to enhance their appeal. These tags are micro-thin and lightweight which makes them of great use for pet management. Pets often wander off and are hard to find. An Epoxy tag can help locate the position of pets. The tag which contains an RFID chip emits radio waves containing information. This information can be read on an RFID receiver which can read and locate radio signals.

The epoxy tag has been commonly used to track cattle in a herd by cattle traders to ensure no cattle are lost or has wandered off the herd. These tags can be low frequency, high frequency, or ultra-high frequency depending upon the owner’s preference and application. Epoxy tags are durable and thermally stable. This makes sure that they are not affected by a rise or drop in temperature. Epoxy tags are cheaply available in the market due to their vast production and are a highly practical solution for pet management.

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