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30 Best NFC Tag Uses That Will Make Your Life Fun

NFC is one of the most useful technologies out there. Easy to use NFC tags, it works with any smartphone, and it can do everything from turning your lights on and off to making payments. In this article, we’ll take a look at 30 of our favorite uses for NFC tags that will make your life fun and efficient.

Automate Sleep Mod

You can use NFC tags to automate your sleep mode by turning off the lights and closing windows at night when they detect motion (this means a person has entered or left). You can also have them switch on the lights in the morning when they detect motion (that same person is coming back inside). It’s like having an assistant who knows what time of day it is!

If all this automation sounds too much for you—if you’re more of a control freak—then don’t worry: these automated features are optional!

Set Kitchen Timer

You can also use NFC tags to set kitchen timers. For example, if you want to make sure that your cookies have been baking for the right amount of time and aren’t burnt on the bottom, you can use an NFC tag to set a reminder when they’re done. If you’re trying out a new recipe and want to be able to check back in once it’s been cooked, program an NFC tag with information about what time it needs to be finished. Using this method is more convenient than remembering when something needs to be done or, even worse, forgetting about it altogether! This way, you’ll always have your phone handy, so all of these reminders will come up as notifications which means no more forgetting things around the house, like leaving lights on or running out of gas in the car (unless those are reminders too). You can even program multiple timers into one RFID tag!

Run Siri Shortcuts on iPhon

The first thing you want to do is get Siri Shortcuts installed. It’s a feature of iOS 12 that lets you create your own workflows and run them with a tap on an NFC tag, which Apple calls “Siri shortcuts.”

Once you have the app installed, go ahead and add some shortcuts. You can use any tag that supports NFC as your trigger: tap it, and the shortcut will run

Connect Bluetooth Devic

With NFC tags, you can easily connect your Bluetooth devices. You can easily use the NFC tags to connect your device with other devices like speakers, headphones, keyboards, and mice. You just need to put the tag on your phone or another device, which will connect automatically.

In order to use this feature, download an app called “NFC Easy Connect” on Google Play Store or Apple App Store. After installing this app, open it and tap on the “Declare a Tag” option at the bottom of the Settings menu in the left sidebar options.

Pay Bills

You can use NFC tags to pay your bills if you have the right hardware. If you have an NFC-enabled phone or smartwatch, all it takes is a tap of your device on any compatible tag reader, and the deed will be done! The same goes for using an NFC sticker, which is a regular sticker with an embedded chip that allows your phone or other mobile devices to read and process information stored by it.

Use NFC in Your Car

NFC tags are the perfect way to add a bit of fun to your car. Whether you want an NFC tag for unlocking it, starting it, setting the alarm, or even calling emergency services in case of an accident, there’s no doubt that these little devices can do wonders.

If you have an Android device and an NFC-enabled phone, then here’s how you can unlock your car using just one tap:

Open up NFC TagWriter app on your phone and select “Create New Tag.”

Select “NFC Tag” from the screen’s dropdown menu at the top right corner (if not already selected). This will open up all available tags on your device, which we need to create our own unique tag for this project.

Enter a title for our newly created tag and tap on the Save button located at top left corner once done with entering title details (optional).

Set the Smart Alarm

Setting a smart alarm is easy. Use your NFC-enabled device to tap an NFC tag, and Siri will ask you what you want to do. You can then tell her to set alarms for the next day or tell her how many minutes before they go off. (For example, if it’s 3:00 pm right now and you want your alarm to go off at 7:00 pm tomorrow, say, “I want my alarm set for 7 p.m.,” then tap again.)

Of course, it’s not just smartphones that can be programmed with tags—you can use them on watches too!

Make Emergency Call/Text

If you have an emergency and need to call 911, tap the NFC tag to make a quick emergency call. This is especially helpful if you’re caught in a dangerous situation, can’t find your phone, or have time to dig it out of your pocket.

Call Mom

Have you ever wanted to call your mom and tell her about your day? Well with NFC technology that dream is now a reality. Using the superpowers of NFC you can tag your Mom's phone and make the connection.

Connect/Disconnect Wi-Fi

A common use for NFC is to connect or disconnect Wi-Fi. This can be done easily with an NFC tag that has a simple button or switches on it. You will need to place the tag close enough to your router so that it can connect but far enough away so that it won’t try and connect again after you have disconnected.

Share Wi-Fi without sharing Password.

NFC is a short-range wireless communication protocol that allows devices to talk to each other. It’s used in many things, like credit cards and phones. But it can also be used in tags placed on objects or even embedded into paper or plastic. These tags contain information about the object they’re attached to, like its price or its nutritional information. So when you scan an item with your phone using an app that supports NFC tags (like Google Pay), the information will upload automatically from the tag without having any Internet connection!

Unlock your door.

You can use an NFC tag to unlock your front door! This is great if you have a large family or need to let in friends. Just program the tag and stick it on the door handle. When someone approaches, their phone will detect the tag and unlock it for them.

Unlock your car

This one is also very simple: Stick one on the inside of your car’s rear windshield so that when someone approaches with their phone (and taps it against yours), they’ll be able to open the doors and start driving away from home within seconds!

Smart Clothe

The future is here, and we’re talking about the use of NFC tags on clothes. You can use NFC tags to connect your favorite pair of sweatpants or t-shirt to an app that lets you track how many steps you’ve taken, the distance you’ve walked, and even your heart rate. For example, if someone texts you while wearing the same clothes as yours (with an identical tag), then their message will pop up on your phone instantly. Do this with more than one person, and it can get seriously competitive!

Use NFC To Connect Smart Shoes.

If there’s anything I hate more than being late for work every day because my alarm clock didn’t go off when I expected it to… it’s having a bad conversation with someone who keeps interrupting me while I’m trying to talk about important things like how much money I am going spend at Sephora today. So why not combine these two bad experiences into one convenient package by putting an NFC tag in all of our shoes? As long as both people know what they are doing when they put their feet down together—and make sure they don’t step on each other’s toes—then this form of communication will be much easier than holding hands while walking through crowded streets together 🙂

Anti-theft Handbag

Have you ever had your bag stolen? I have. It's a terrible experience that is unfortunately common in this day and age of "grab and run" thieves. That's why I feel it is so important to find a way to secure your belongings without damaging them or making them impossible to carry. One awesome way to achieve both of these goals is with an anti-theft handbag that uses NFC tags.

Travel with NFC-NFC Passport

The NFC-NFC Passport is a simple and convenient way to store all of your travel-related information. With this tag, you’ll have access to your passport info, flight info, hotel information, travel insurance information and more! This product will make traveling much easier as it eliminates the need for bulky documents in your pockets or bags.

Business Cards

NFC tags are great for sharing contact information. They’re perfect for business cards, but they can also be used to share your website and social media links. You can even include an email address, phone number, or address on the tag!

Pet Identification and Tracking

Lost pet recovery is one of the most common uses for NFC tags, and it’s a great option if you have a cat or dog that tends to get out and about. Instead of wasting time scouring your neighborhood looking for lost pets, simply place an NFC tag on their collar. When they’re out romping around and go missing, you can use your phone to scan the area for nearby tags that match yours. This will give you an immediate lead on where your four-legged friend might be hiding!

NFC tags are also useful for keeping track of pets’ health details—whether it’s just their name or some other piece of information like allergies, dietary restrictions or medications they take on a regular basis. If something happens (like an emergency) while you’re away from home and need to contact someone close by who can care for them immediately, this information could make all the difference between life or death!

Make Your Home Smart

NFC tags are a great way to make your home smart. You can use them to turn on lights, appliances, and thermostats, open doors and garage doors, or even play music when you’re not in the mood for Alexa’s terrible jokes.

If you have some NFC tags lying around (or if you know someone who has some), check out these fun ways to use them:

To turn on lights: At night, place an NFC tag on the table by your bedside so that when you wake up, it will automatically turn on all the lights in your room. Suppose multiple people are sleeping in one room with their own beds but sharing a common area (like parents sleeping in separate rooms but sharing a living area). In that case, each person could put an NFC tag in front of their respective beds so that when they want to go back to sleep after getting up for something like water or medicine during the night there would be no need for turning off any lamps since all would automatically be shut off as soon as they went back into their bedroom areas!

To change temperatures: Place an NFC tag near where heaters or air conditioners are located so that when someone comes near they’ll automatically adjust without having any fumbling around trying different buttons.”

Motion Timing

Motion timing is a great way to track where you are and what you’re doing. You can use NFC tags to set the alarm, unlock your door, share the Wi-Fi password with friends, or call your mom when you can’t find your keys

Used for anti-counterfeiting

Anti-counterfeiting is another great use for NFC tags. With the right technology and tools, you can create a secure product that will not be copied or forged by anyone. For example, a company like Swatch uses tags on their watches to prevent counterfeiting by integrating them into the design of their products. You can also use NFC tags in other ways to prevent fraud and theft of your products too!

Keep the Meeting Quiet

Use NFC to Quiet the Meeting

You know how at the end of a meeting, someone always asks if anyone has any last questions or comments? If you’re the type who doesn’t like being put on the spot, but also hates awkward silence, this is one way you can get out of it. Simply tap your phone against someone else’s tag and it will automatically send out an email with every single contact’s name and mobile number in their address book. Now everyone knows that there are no more questions left hanging in the air!

Laundry Manage

NFC tags can make your life a lot easier. NFC tags are small stickers that have unique IDs, and they can be programmed to do just about anything—and the best part is, you don’t need to buy new hardware or software to get started!

You can use them for all sorts of things: managing laundry, connecting to Wi-Fi, setting up the washing machine and connecting it to your phone, even paying for your laundry. Here’s how:

Put an NFC tag on every piece of clothing in your closet. This way when you want to know what goes where (for example: “Should I pair my red pants with a white shirt?”), just scan your phone over each item in question until you find out! If you don’t have enough space in one place, try using multiple locations or sharing among friends/family members so everyone has access too! It’ll save time later down the line when there aren’t many choices left open anymore “because we already tried everything else” which tends happen often when people first start getting serious about fashion.”

NFC Poster

Launch a website: With an NFC tag, you can launch any website of your choice when it’s scanned. This is especially useful if you have a mobile website and want to give people access to it on the go. You can also use this feature for introducing yourself or your business to others in a simple way.

Share photos and videos: If you have edited photos or videos which you want people around you to see immediately, then tagging them with NFC is the best way to do that in an instant. The same goes for sharing links from websites like Facebook and Twitter as well as documents from Google Drive, Dropbox etc., where users simply need to scan the tag in order for them to open up automatically on their devices as well as view what was shared instantly without having any need for signing in first before viewing anything else further down below after opening up another tab on their device screen too!

Send messages: Sending messages using NFC technology means no more typing out long emails or having someone call back later after sending out an SMS message through traditional methods such as calling each other’s phones directly.”

NFC Implant Tag

The NFC implant tag is a new and innovative way to use NFC technology. Here are some of the best ways you can use it:

Send messages: One of the most popular uses for this is sending messages to other people who also have an implant. Just touch your NFC implants together, and you can communicate with each other. It’s like having a conversation without speaking! This will make you feel like cyborg royalty.[1]

Share photos and videos: You can also share images and videos between multiple devices using this method as well. If one person has a photo they want their friend(s) (or even strangers) to see, they simply touch their implants together while holding up the picture in question.[2]

Launch website: If someone wants more information about something but doesn’t want to spend time searching online or going through an encyclopedia or dictionary because doing those things would take too long, then they could just launch them directly from their implanted device instead![3]

Quick dial on phone: This isn’t necessarily useful by itself since there may not be anyone nearby who owns an NFC implanted device at any given moment but if there happens be someone who does own such a device then it could come in handy when looking for quick access when making calls.[4]

NFC for making payments

NFC payments are secure, easy to use, and can be used for almost anything.

Secure: The NFC payment process is encrypted and secured with a unique code. This means that every transaction is safe and secure because hackers or thieves cannot steal the buyer’s financial information.

Easy to use: Most smartphones come equipped with an NFC chip that allows you to tap it against a compatible device in order to pay for goods or services. You can also purchase devices like smartphones or watches with built-in chips so you don’t have to carry any cards!

Fast and convenient: Not only does this method of payment take seconds (or less), but it also doesn’t require cash, nor do you need exact change when paying for something at a store location–which means less time spent waiting in line at checkout counters too! The best part about these types of transactions? You don’t even have access to physical tokens like credit cards or cash anymore since everything.

Send messages

Now that you know how to make your own NFC tags, here are some fun ways to use them.

Send Messages

One of the most obvious things you can do with NFC tags is sent messages. You can either write text on the tags and tap them against your phone or other devices (like a smartwatch), or create an image with a hidden message in it so that tapping will reveal what’s written there. You can share funny jokes or even secret codes between friends using these techniques!

Share Photos and Videos

You could also share photos and videos by placing them on an NFC tag for others to see when they tap their phone against yours. For example, you could put pictures of your dog on one tag and give it to someone who loves dogs as well as have another one just for yourself containing pictures only those close friends would be able to unlock without having seen before hand.

Share photos and videos

Think of the possibilities!

Use nfc tags to share photos and videos.

Use nfc tags to send messages.

Add a website with an nfc tag and launch it with a single tap.

Launch a website

Launch the app you want to use with your NFC tag on your phone.

Tap the “action” button in the lower-left corner of your screen and tap “add a shortcut.”

If you’re running Android Marshmallow or earlier, tap “create shortcut”; otherwise, tap “create a notification.”

Select an icon from the list that appears and then select whether you’d like to use a launcher icon or notification (we recommend using a launcher icon).

When finished, press back until you see the home screen again, and enjoy!

Smart ring

Today, NFC Tag is the best way of storing data. It has great potential to change the way we live. You’d want to communicate with your peers or friend by touching your smart ring with another IOT device or NFC tag. In fact, you could use NFC tags for a lot of purposes like sharing a document, information, data and so on.

Quick dial on your phone

It’s a good thing that you have your NFC tag at home because it can also be used to make life easier. If you have an NFC-enabled smartphone, there are a few quick ways to use it.

First of all, if you want to start a call with someone who has an NFC-enabled phone and is standing next to you (like in the same room), just taps on their phone, and they’ll receive the call automatically. This works best when both phones are unlocked because sometimes people don’t answer calls from unknown numbers or are busy doing something else and can’t take a call anyway.

The second way is if one person has an NFC-enabled phone and another doesn’t (or vice versa), allowing them to share contact information without having any other technology involved! All that needs to be done is for both parties’ phones.


NFC is an amazing technology you can use in many ways to make your life easier and more convenient.

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