RFID Basics

Chinese RFID Tag Manufacturers Provide High-Quality Services

Ever since RFID technology was used commercially, it has become a big hit among all business houses to deploy RFID tags for safeguarding their property. …

RFID Basics

Printed RFID Tag with Advanced Factory Printing Artwork

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a very useful and innovative labeling and product tracking technology that finds its application in many organizations. Many firms supply …

RFID Basics

RFID Hard Tag Used for Clothes Industry

In industries that deal with large-scale production of their products, the number one priority is efficient tracking of their inventory with all the necessary information. …

RFID Basics

Are RFID Paper Tags Durable?

In a common RFID system, tags are attached to the products that are to be detected. These tags are built using a chip or integrated …

rfid card
What is?

How to tell what type of rfid card you have

Composition of RFID card RFID cards are made of inlay (IC+antenna), PVC (optional PET, ABS, coated paper), and PET film through a hot pressing process. …

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