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RFID applications in events

RFID technology is currently replacing the old, outdated manual system in events management. Who would not love a fast, wireless, and secure system when checking in for an event? RFID wristbands have been developed with leading security and design features to allow clients to relax and enjoy the RFID technology in their events. It utilizes RFID technology to enable event organizers to capture the client’s information without necessarily making any contact. Here we look at some of the event organizers who have utilized RFID technology in their events.

RFID wristbands for conferences

The contactless RFID wristbands have replaced the old paper wristbands and tickets. The wristbands are fitted with tiny chips to collect the guest’s information that is then stored in the hotel database for use in the future. The RFID wristband contains the guest’s tickets embedded in it and when the RFID tag in the wristband is scanned, the data about the guest are retrieved and send to the hotel backend database. Their readability speed is high compared to the barcode wristbands hence reducing the time for guest’s management, and more guests are served at a particular time.

RFID wristbands for sporting events

Holding Huge amounts of cash in big events such as sporting actions brings uneasiness because of fear of losing it or being stolen. Wristbands embedded with RFID technology has been developed to solve this problem. The RFID tag stores the fan credit information, and the fan can make any cashless payment by just a scan. This gives fans a sense of freedom to spend their day worry-free, and also, the sport organizers can use the information to offer discounts to fans. Also, the RFID wristbands can be used for fans’ entry into the stadium as then fan’s ticket can be embedded on the wristband.

RFID Wristband in healthcare

Patients visiting the hospital are given RFID wristbands that contain patient records and medication history to help in subsequent visits. They can also be used for patient tracking while in the hospital, especially infants and people with dementia. The RFID tags communicate with the workflow software and RTLS over the hospital’s Wi-Fi network. When patients move, sensors strategically placed in rooms and hallways detect their location, allowing hospital staff to monitor patients at all times.

RFID wristbands in music festivals

Guests attending the music festivals are given RFID wristbands used for various uses such as event entry, making purchases, and preventing fraud. The wristband that the attendee is given contains all the information that was recorded when booking the event. The RFID wristband is scanned whenever the guest wants to access any place within the event venue. This helps the event managers know the number of guests who have attended the music festival without physically recording them. This minimizes fraud because of fake tickets and fastens the process of guest management.

RFID wristbands are just revolutionizing the world. Just a wristband has been developed to convey enormous content. It comes with numerous advantages in any sector that has been applied and this is a technology that should be adopted by event planners.

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