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RFID key Tag for Common Family Door Management, Also for Hotel Door

RFID or Radio Frequency Identification refers to a microscopic technology that is used to replace barcodes to make things like inventory tracking and product counting easier, and minimize the human workforce required to run it. The number of innovative ways in which RFID has been used to aid various industries ‘ day-to-day jobs easier is tremendous.

One such use of RFID is RFID key tag. It has really a game-changer for the hospitality industry. Mobile access at hotels approves guests with the ability to bypass customary hotel check-in procedures every time they want to visit their own room.

This new and improved electronic Hotel Lock System i.e. RFID key tag is able to access the doors of a home or a room without using bulky, pointy metal key. This sort of a lock can unlock with only an RFID Access Card or PVC Smart Card. It is very light and simple just like a credit card. Electronic Locks that are particularly designed for resorts and hotels bring to you a new user experience for guests. Guests just need to carry a card when they are out of the room. Regardless of how many rooms the guest requires, they just have to carry a card with them. 

Hotel owners could track the situation and availability of every room with ease as all records get saved in one central system which includes card No., information, and card type as well. All rooms could be distinguished with special area ID, and same floor rooms could get unlocked from a one-floor card only. All rooms of the building could get unlocked with one building card. Usually, RFID key tag is a proficient product not only for visitors but also for hotel owners.

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