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Should The RFID Automotive Be Seen In Future?

RFID technology is known to have brought some significant advancement and according to analysts, it will lead to more rapid growth in healthcare, retail, food safety, and other markets. The future of RFID is mounting as more and more industries and companies are investing in this technology. As a result, RFID is becoming more lucrative than ever for solving business challenges of real-world. RFID technology has replaced the traditional methods of tracking inventory using bar codes and has a brought a drastic revolution in car rental business and it will also make the process of calculation and collection of toll tax easier.

RFID automotive is another tool in a rising trend of asset-management system and modern security system, in car rental industry. RFID tags and readers aids in automatic inventory control and thus eliminate the use of clumsy and expensive barcode scanner guns. RFID tags, which were earlier used to track consumer products, livestock, subway passes have now become a system that automatically track vehicles and thus, helps companies in streamlined operations.

RFID automotive tags are generally of similar size as a standard mailing label and, are attached to the vehicle’s windshield. These tags store data such as model no, color, engine capacity, gas capacity and physical locations. These tags can be activated and deactivated using software and data inside these cars can also be altered using software. These RFID tags connect through radio waves to readers, which are generally placed on a rental lot to read the data present inside the tag.

Electronic RFID readers generally come in a weather-resistant case and, can be placed on wall, poles and ceilings. These RFID automotive tags can also be used for collection of toll taxes without any manual operation.

So, it can be concluded that RFID automotive should definitely be employed in the future.

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