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What is the Application of the RFID System for Catering Management?

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is an extremely useful technology that has extensive applications in various sectors. Airline catering uses RFID that allows food processes to be optimized. The whole tracking process is extended into the airplane because the meals need to be distributed in a specifically planned timeline. An advanced RFID system offers an accurate correlation among passengers and the meals to be distributed.

RFID system follows an automated process from the kitchen to the cabin where respective meals are ordered as per the cabin section and seats of the passengers. RFID technology is also used in the meal selection process for customers in first-class as well as business class. Each meal that is prepared can be automatically heated for a specific time as required. The oven adjustments are fully automatic as well as meal distribution is optimized that leads to enhanced customer experience.

For caterers, RFID systems enable a strong linkage between the customer and the business as the data is immediately gathered on the efficacy of your company. RFID technology can be used for a vast array of purposes including tracking customer preferences, new meal selection as well as monitoring inventory. RFID systems can be attached with your existing software to keep a check on your overall catering business.

Investing in RFID systems will offer you an edge over your competitors. This will not only help track your inventory as well as meal distribution but also lead to enhanced customer satisfaction. This automated system will make your business operations more efficient. It collects data in real time that can be used in future to help you take well-informed and wise business decisions.

By affixing an RFID tag on equipment or a tray in the food assembly process, you can save the time and efforts of each step; while improving its effectiveness simultaneously. Whether a batch is there in the oven for a longer time or in a mixer for a short duration, RFID technology will offer you an effective way to track raw materials moving through your cooking process. For business operations, the data in this system will ensure proper consistency as well as quality control. As a catering business relates to a large collection of food and packaging inventory moving in and out, using an RFID system will track each & everything very precisely. Assets such as meat trays, bread racks, and dairy containers will pile up and get returned to your backroom by using an RFID system. By incorporating an RFID tag on your returnable items, you can develop a system with your suppliers to limit wastages and keep the costs optimized.

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