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What is the RFID Electronic Tag?

Today, advanced technology has brought drastic changes in various industries. There are some technologies that are in great demand since they hold the power to reduce manual labor and cost. RFID comes in that list of revolutionary technologies. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification, which is the latest technology, used to identify and track people and objects in different fields. To replace and modify the barcode technology, RFID electronic tag is gaining immense popularity. These tags are based on RFID technology and, are used to exchange data with RFID readers through radio waves. It has similar applications to the barcodes but, RFID electronic tags are comparatively more advanced. These RFID tags can be attached to any object or body and, operated on different frequencies such as UHF (ultra-high frequency), HF (high frequency), and LF (Low frequency).

This RFID electronic tag is also known as RFID electronic chip. It is basically made of two important parts. The first part is an antenna that receives radio waves or radio frequencies, through its end and, the most important part is IC (integrated circuit), used for storing and processing the data. It is also used in modulating and demodulating the radio waves, received or sent by an antenna.

RFID electronic tag is available in two varieties, which are active and passive. Both differ as per their quality and range. When it comes to their applications and performance, they are widely used to track vehicles in the automobile industry, track and trace products in the apparel industry, in electronic banking, quality inspection, and much more. They can provide timely information about products while they are being shipped and thus improve profitability, reduce costs and maintain competitiveness in the best possible manner.

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