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What’s the Difference Between Ntag213, Ntag215, and Ntag216?

NXP (r), Semiconductors has developed NTAG 213, NTAG 215 and NTAG 216 as standard NFC tag ICs for mass-market applications like retail, gaming and consumer electronics. They are used with NFC-compliant proximity coupling devices, NFC devices, or NFC-compliant NFC tags. NTAG 213, NTAG 215 and NTAG 216, also known as the best NTAG while performing any task. They are fully loaded with the NFC Forum Type 2 Tag (and ISO/IEC14443 Type A) specifications. They were almost launched at the same time. They all conform to NFC Forum Type2 Tag and ISO/IEC14443 type A specifications. Previously Mifare Ultralight NFC Chips are being used because it is inexpensive and straightforward chips. They can store only a short URL or ID. This type of NFC chip can be used for projects requiring large amounts of tags at a low price or projects such as identification systems with small storage requirements.

Target applications include out-of-home and print media innovative advertising, SoLoMo apps, product authentication and NFC shelf labels. These target use cases include product authentication and mobile companion tags. NFC tags that are small can be embedded in electronic devices or product labels more quickly than larger ones. They also have very similar features and applications. How do you choose? What are the differences? This article will help you see the differences.


The NTAG213, NTAG215 and the NTAG216 chip are both parts of the same NTAG family. Along with the NTAG213, NTAG215 and NTAG216 were introduced in 2013. This chip is full-featured and has a medium memory capacity. This chip is not as popular as the NTAG221 and is limited in availability unless ordered.

The NTAG216 has a memory capacity that is greater than the NTAG213 & NTAG215 range. It is used in business cards and other vCard storage applications. It’s the best option if you require more memory than the NTAG213. The NTAG216 tags are more expensive than the NTAG215. Many strongly advise that NFC tags not be used to store data but only to link to data. In this case, a large memory chip like the NTAG216 might not be a good idea. This chip is an option if your application requires it. NTAG216 had issues reading large amounts of data on the NTAG216 and encoding them from mobile phones. We do not recommend this chip until you have thoroughly tested it and are familiar with the phones that will be using it.

Differences in typical applications

Ntag 213

  • Vouchers
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Bluetooth Pairing
  • Object Identification
  • Product Information
  • PLCR
  • Round Management

Ntag 215

  • Object Identification
  • Vouchers
  • Very long tracking URLs

Ntag 216

  • vCards
  • Data storage
  • Object Identification

Is NTAG 213 is now can be the choice for you?

NXP 213 chip is used to tag, which has a 144-byte useable Memory. The NXP 213 chip features a read-write lock function, which can be edited repeatedly or read-only. After being set as read-only, the tag cannot be edited or reset. Round sticker measuring 25mm (1 in) in diameter, Brand New, Adhesive, Writeable, with 144 bytes of memory. It is an RFID/NFC product manufacturer. All NFC products are created and manufactured by the NXP. You can be sure of the quality. 

How do you choose the best NFC chip?

NTAG 213

This NFC tag is robust and reliable and will fit all of your NFC projects.

NTAG 215

NTAG 215 gives you the freedom to create an environment that saves you time and effort. It makes your life easier and the perfect choice for many users.

NTAG 216

NTAG 216 is also part of the quality standard but can include more information and data. This is the perfect choice for NFC business cards.

Chip Based Differences

Ntag213 is a more advanced version of Ntag203 in terms of RF performance and functions. It also has better properties in terms of range and reading speed. Ntag213 also has a slightly larger memory of 144 bytes. It is also relatively inexpensive among Ntag series chips.

NTAG215 has a medium-sized memory capacity. The available memory is 504 bytes. This chip can be used to encode data with V-Cards. It has additional features like password protection, which is a feature of all NTAG chips. Although it is slightly more expensive than the NTAG216 is an excellent NFC Chip. It is worth noting thatNtag215The only chip that is available for amiibo.NTAG216 offers a larger capacity than other NFC Tags due to the 888-byte memory. This makes it an excellent chip for business cards that have complete V-Card data. These are quick and easy to use, but they can be more expensive.


Ntag213, Ntag215, and Ntag216 have different prices and memory sizes. Ntag213 and Ntag215 are both common. Ntag215 is known for Amiibo tags or cards. Ntag216, however, is more costly. The budget and memory requirements of each application will help you choose the best option.

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