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Which Chips Are Suited For 125khz RFID sticker?

RFID stickers and tagging technology are essential to the whole procedure of the Radio Frequency Identification system. They are attached to items that need tracking or a different type of data collection and more. These tags come in different frequencies to accomplish different tracking and accessing tasks. RFID tags and the readers used for them need to be tuned to match the frequency to communicate. These systems utilize several different frequencies, some of them include- around 125 kHz, high- (13.56 MHz), and UHF (850-900 MHz). Microwave 2.45 GHz is also used for many tasks. Radio waves perform according to different frequencies, so it is required to choose the right frequency for the right application whether it is for supply chain maintenance or any tracking operation.

Many companies have been using the 125khz RFID sticker to be used as in businesses to track their products and at airports to efficiently track luggage of travelers, making it impossible for them to get lost. This portable 125khz RFID sticker is helpful in accessing control for events to reduce the cost of manual labor while improving the customer experience and achieving goals easily. Unlike the traditional barcode system, this 125 kHz RFID scan increases the level of security in many events not only because it is durable but, due to the ID tracking and tracing facilities provided by the chips used for these stickers, the requirement for hiring manpower for doing little tasks has decreased.

With this smart 125khz RFID sticker attached to the clothes, body, or luggage, tracking them can get easier with the provision of manual records, which improves efficiency and also reduce labor costs. It can also be customized in 1k to 4k for storage and are available in different colors and designs.

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