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Why Customizable Smart Air Purifiers Are A Thing For You

Have you ever had to stand up to turn on your air purifier all the time?  Well, we understand everyone has to do this all the time. We also know it can be quite daunting to walk from one room to another to operate appliances.

This is why we have launched the TUYA APP Smart Air Purifier that you can control on your mobile phone.  Customizable smart air purifiers are trending in the market today.

Nowadays, everyone likes to keep track of everything through their smartphones.  With our technology, now you can control a smart air purifier remotely via an app on your smartphone

 The TUYA APP Smart Air Purifier can be set up virtually. You can choose the right setting to purifier your indoor air in your house without physically going near to it. If you are an appliance business owner or an entrepreneur but do not have this smart air purifier in your product selection yet, it is time you consider it.

Customizable Smart Air Purifiers –  Why They Sell Fast

We all want to automate things nowadays.  With a smart air purifier, you can quickly set your air purifier with your phone. You can turn it on, change the fan speed, and turn it off later. There is also an option to check the air quality in your home.

Automate Operation

When the air quality is optimal, you can just tap on your phone to turn it off.  There is no need to move to the area where your purifier is placed.  As long as you have your phone in your hand, breathing clean indoor air is only at the tip of your finger.

Remotely Control Your Smart Air Purifier

Be able to remotely control your purifier wherever you are. Having a smart air purifier eliminates the need to go near the device every time you need to turn it on or off. Even when you arrive home from work, you simply want to slide into the couch.

Or you can turn it on 30 minutes before going home. By the time you reach home, you can relax with the ultimate fresh ambiance that meets you.

Get Notified When Filter Needs Replacing

Not everyone has time to check on the filter whether it is still working. While our air purifiers have long-lasting durability, certain factors may affect their filter life span.

For example, heavy-duty operations may require regular cleaning or changing of air filters.  With customizable smart air purifiers, you’ll have an idea if it is time to change filters.

Smart air purifiers can help you be up to date on everything. They contribute as much to a healthy interior climate as with normal air purifiers. As a bonus, you get to automate it so you save time for other essential things.

Why Sell Smart Air Purifiers

While the pandemic is not over yet, everyone is still under threat of the virus. People are constantly looking for better ways to combat the disappointing effects of the virus on health.  However, as much as possible, people are also looking for comfort.

 According to a report, the air humidifier market is estimated to land a modest CAGR of 4.0% this year. Experts suggest that the figures are still set to go up as the pandemic continues to exist. Consequently, the demand for purifiers will continue to increase.

As a businessman, you want to take advantage of this demand for air purifiers.  Offering smart air purifiers will help you upscale your business and take customer satisfaction to a whole new level.

Why People Smart Need Air Purifiers

They are very convenient.

Smart air purifiers are a perfect way to enjoy convenience in the home or office. Buying smart air purifiers help you relax as you don’t need to go near the device to operate it. At the tap of a finger, you can turn it on or off.

They are perfect for smart homes.

Smart air purifiers are a great addition to smart homes. Besides having great designs, they add to your home automation. Moreover, they are as effective as traditional humidifiers. They can filter at least 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and viruses. a

They are healthy.

Smart air purifiers can help remove dust mites, pollens, and other airborne contaminants. Having an air purifier in the home is a step closer to achieving optimum health. Since it removes allergens from the air, it also minimizes the risk of having a cough or sneeze.

They are safe for babies.

Smart air purifiers like ours are made from safe materials. You can operate them in the home even when you have a baby. Our air purifiers normally have less operational noise. They do not disturb babies even when they are turned on.

They work great in getting rid of germs, bacteria, and viruses.

Air purifiers may come in different types of filters. The best is the HEPA filter that removes just any type of contaminants in the air. This leaves you clean air to breathe.  The right purifiers can increase the air quality and provide everyone with peace of mind.

They alleviate respiratory symptoms

  Air purifiers can help alleviate respiratory systems. We use HEPA filters in our air purifiers to filter at least 0.3 microns of particles.

Small particles can cause allergic reactions when they enter our bodies.

This is why doctors also recommend keeping air quality as high as possible. It promotes easy breathing and eliminates the possibility of health problems.

There are many compelling reasons for investing in smart air purifiers. Besides being beneficial and rewarding, they have become an essential addition to every home’s cleaning arsenal. 

Let us help you choose the correct air purifier for your needs. Our knowledgeable, friendly and honest customer service representatives are available to you 24 hours a day.  Better yet give us a phone call and let’s talk about your specific design.

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